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to you and to your child.  I’ll listen thoroughly and without prejudice, not only to the stories you have to tell but also to the things you want from your appointment; only then will I consider performing any examination or test, because it is only at that point that we will have clarified the specific questions we aim to answer.

Three principles underpin the care I offer:


if I determine that I am not the best fit for your child I’ll refer you to one of a comprehensive network of colleagues who may be better placed to assist without delay.  I will treat you and your child with the same respect and care I would demand for my wife and daughters, but I will tell you the truth, even where it is at odds with what you may wish to hear.  


it is my belief that the therapeutic relationship is most effective where there is mutual trust, and that trust is rooted in honest communication conducted in a way that promotes relaxation in parent, child and doctor.  I hope that through honesty and kindness both you and your child will come to trust me, to our mutual benefit.

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