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What my patients say, good or bad, is extremely important to my growth in service to you. Take a look at what my past patients (NHS and otherwise) had to say about their experiences and maybe you'll want to come see me too.  If you have been particularly happy (or indeed disappointed) in my care please let me know at the link below.

"This kind, reassuring, understanding, well informed, practical and endlessly patient paediatrician helped me with planning for a safe delivery of my second baby. He went out of his way help my family through a difficult time and ensure things went well for us. He gave brilliant advice and inspired confidence every step of the way."

A Patient at the Royal London Hospital

Dr Nwokoro provides that rare combination of care that is invaluable, particularly at a time when you're feeling vulnerable as a patient/carer - a highly informed opinion that you feel you can trust, combined with empathy and clear articulation of his rationale and guidance. He would be top of my list if I required a paediatric consultant in the future.

A carer of a Royal London Hospital patient

Your thoughts?  Let me know!


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