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National Health Singers 2nd in the charts!

Last summer I turned up to a hall at a North London Hospital to rehearse and ultimately record an original song in defence of our beleaguered NHS with voluntary protest choir the National Health Singers. Arranged by Mark De-Lisser (The Voice) and performed by a passionate crew of *varying* ability we peaked at number 2 on the Amazon Download Charts and made something of which I am genuinely quite proud. I also wore a lot of blue make-up.

Speech at National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist 2019

This event was organised by Stop Killing Cyclists and Extinction Rebellion. You can read and watch my speech here Speech at Stop Killing Cyclists - National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist – 07.09.19. A month ago today I was making my way home after a wonderful 100 mile ride around London and Surrey. As I cramped up, medal around my neck, I was wishing that I had lost some weight, that I’d done some training, and that I didn’t have to work the next day. What I wasn’t wishing was that the roads had been open to traffic, as they had been as I did my 52 mile round trip rush hour cycle commute into East London yesterday. Yesterday, as every day, I felt the familiar fear as a VW polo cut acros




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